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Cry, Baby! (A Parody)
“Cry, Baby!!”
(A parody of Crybaby by Melanie Martinez)
She’s seated in place; a brain with a heart
Please don’t build her up or she’ll fall apart
And when you explain right before you can start
Her crybaby tears come out of the dark
Someone’s broken the handle to the faucet in her eyes
She leaks a bit and everybody sees
Her heart’s too big for her body
But they can't feel inside
Watch her pour it out so everyone can see
They tell her “Cry, baby! Cry, baby!”
But she can't even hear
“Cry, baby! Cry, baby!”
Can't hear them laugh and jeer
“Cry, baby! Cry, baby!”
But she can't even hear
Tears fall to the ground
Watch her as she cries
Watch her as she cries,
“Cry, baby! Cry, baby!”
She sits all alone
Cuz she doesn’t have friends
She told herself that it’s not her, it’s them
She’s one of a kind but nobody believes
Cuz those crybaby tears are all that they see!
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Mature content
Emo -- Chapter 1: Project Impossible :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 1 0
Kylie Stone (Persona) -- Numb :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 0 0 Keystone Kylie (Persona) -- Age Meme :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 1 2
Adventurers -- Chapter 3.5: Let's Make A Deal
          A snake watched the two humans bicker from where they stood. He saw the tiny pup and the necklace that she wore. There it is. The stone is right there, he thought, smirking. However, he couldn’t strike just yet. Patience would need to come into play first. If he acted now, they would see him, and he would be killed. He hissed softly. He needed a plan. Then he remembered. What was that story that mother always told me…? Then it clicked. The monster. Hakari. His smirk darkened as he devised a scheme. He slithered away from the humans’ camp. If all went well, the humans would be dead by sunlight. The stone would be his.
           As he approached the cave in which the monster lay asleep, he shifted his form from a snake to a human. The ancient writing was carved into the stone that blocked the entrance. “Bang the drum,” it said. “And the monster shall awake. But beware, hunters and enemie
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Guys :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 0 2 Ew :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 1 0
Adventurers -- Chapter 3: The Waterfall
Chapter 3: The Waterfall
Aria crouched in fear behind the waterfall. After being chased up the cliffside by river spirits, she had no intention of leaving her tiny den. She curled up, shivering. She would look for her humans later. Carefully, she inspected her necklace. The stone had stopped glowing now, and was flickering dimly. She growled under her breath. Stupid stone! Stupid necklace! She thought angrily. But yet, she couldn’t bring herself to remove the accessory. It had been with her since she came to Earth. She could just hardly remember her mother, though she had been asleep when she was taken from her homeworld. Her mother’s lullabies still rang in her ears. She couldn’t remember the voice very well, but the low hum always seemed to stick with her. She closed her eyes and tried to remember her last night as a human. Angry screeches rang through the air outside, blocked out by the sound of the rushing waterfall. The river spirits, despite their name, were una
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Aria -- C'mon :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 3 3 Shower Thoughts #2 :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 2 8
Mature content
Emo (Sneak Peek!: Meet the Main Characters) :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 1 15
Shower Thoughts :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 0 3
Mature content
Keystone Kylie (Persona) -- Battle Scars :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 0 0
Mature content
Monster :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 2 4
Adventurers -- Chapter 2: Death by Welcome
Chapter 2: Death by Welcome
Jasmine grunted as she pushed herself up. “Owww…” she whined. “That hurt…” She stopped short, realizing that she wasn’t at home; and this wasn’t a dream. She looked to see Bailee standing behind her. She screamed. Next to her roommate was a frightening creature that somewhat resembled a gryphon (except that there was no way in hell this was a gryphon). It made a sort of clicking noise with its tongue before moving forward to sniff her. “Wh-what is that thing?!” Jasmine screeched, jumping back as it approached her. The creature gave a disappointed whimper. “I have no clue. But it hasn’t tried to kill us yet so I doubt it’s hostile,” she added, patting the creature’s head. It gave her a happy chirp and licked her face. Bailee giggled. “Bailee, have you seen Aria?” Jasmine asked, eager to change the subject. Bailee froze. “No, I haven’t. She must've
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Meet Da Dork I Mean Artist =H= :iconthefiretailedweasel:thefiretailedweasel 1 8


ANOTHEEEER WIP :iconglitchyvortex123:GlitchyVortex123 3 0
Mature content
HOOF ME DADDY :iconsakuui:Sakuui 13 2
Mature content
wot are u doing in my barn :iconsakuui:Sakuui 16 9
HIT THE HAY BOI :iconsakuui:Sakuui 22 6 Set Sail for S.S Fluff n' Feels :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk 129 11 it's all my fault, biscuit. :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk 209 39 Star Chasers: 1.2 :iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 258 26 Mias and Elle Chapter3 pg22 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 551 68 Patreon- Kargo and Roamer alien-fied :iconjohan-n:Johan-N 104 26 Maria - Ephaistien - Second: The Elf :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 31 22 Sidwyn :iconchar-c0al:CHAR-C0AL 68 11
Well Damn
My memory for years has been slowly depleting, and yet everyone, even my family, points it as "irresponsibility" and being "difficult on purpose". Well, excuse me, but I honestly cannot remember my own name sometimes for several minutes. How do you expect me to remember to turn in a paper or some really minor thing I said a week ago? I just don't remember things anymore. I have attempted to discuss the issues with people, but no one will listen, and will only speak over me if they choose to have a conversation with me at all.
:iconevilsnail1:EvilSnail1 3 29
i don't know what to say??
:iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 120 147
Best MLP Promo
This is a season 7 promo for My Little Pony! It's so cute and catchy-- Hasbro did a very great job with it! I honestly want it saved on my phone.XD
:iconfoxantiers:foxantIers 3 1
There's no good byes, just see you laters
I had seen that I am not very active recently, and I feel that that I have to leave for a time. For those people who gave me requests, don't worry I was working on them I was just doing them, then tearing some apart, because I want the best for you, and yes, I was and am doing all your request, is just is my first time doing so much drawings at a time, and with the housework, and the school work and homework, I am kind of..... stressed is how it says? I never felt this feeling, so I am going to leave for a time. Best wishes for all of you, some of you were always kind to me, inspiring me to go forward. For those people who were bad to me, I just want to say thanks, you thought I was going to leave just because of some of your actions to me, but now I know how to get rid of the situations you gave me, and you had teach me a strategy to get rid of the future obstacles. 
I just want to say special thanks to inter-galactic-skye , PhantomJohara , KeepingAshes , Yelliebeans , Kanus
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Life of Ry - Friends :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 908 51



GUYS! TODAY IS kevinbolk 's birthday!! Quick, go spam his profile with happy birthday comments (but don't actually tho X'DD).

Happy Birthday to kevinbolk , one of my favorite artists ever! <3
Ever felt annoyed when you try to be the "Voice of Reason" to your friends about a person that they don't like (because maybe they got a bad attitude from them once or twice), but they refuse to listen because APPARENTLY they're the "victim" here, even though they KNOW you've been in this situation before and are probably the only one with a realistic, psychological take on the situation, but yet they continue to insist that said person is a b*tch and they "hate" them?

Ever feel even worse when you realize that you CONSTANTLY listen to and trust that friend, taking/following their advice, even if it hadn't worked in the past? Ever feel horrible when you realize that no matter how much you show that person that you genuinely CARE about them (it doesn't have to be romantic, it could be as a brother/sister), they will never feel the same?

Ever feel like the runt of the litter in your group of friends?

Just thought I'd ask...
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